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About Us

About Us

Impact is a specialist food and drink PR and marketing consultancy and we only work in food and drink and related industries.

With over 30 years of experience in the Food & Drink industry the Impact Agency has the knowledge and experience to ensure your product is seen in the right places and by the right people.

We know what is happening in your market right now and we know the pressures related with driving sales. We also understand that in this industry a successful marketing or PR campaign can be judged in relation to its affect on sales, so any campaign we undertake is very much target driven and aims to deliver results.

We work with clients in every area of the Food & Drink industry so whether you have a retail, food service or manufacturing product we can provide you with a solution to suit your needs.

In addition to PR, we offer a range of other marketing services. Give us a task and we will crack it...don't believe us? Take a look at the services we offer our clients on our Agency Services page.

To see the work we've done previously for other companies take a look at our Case Studies page or if you're interested in the brands we've worked with in the past visit our Brand Experience page.

If you're interested in more information about the Impact Agency or would simply like to pop in for a chat contact Impact Managing Director Linda Batt-Rawden at [email protected].