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Food and Drink is all about taste, smell, texture, look and touch. It reaches every human sense and while a fantastic piece of editorial copy can paint a picture – it can never tell the whole story.

So every food and drink company must look at how it can get its products into consumers hands and hearts and start what it can only be hoped, is a long term relationship.

So what are the options?

Sampling The Agency has over 30 years of sampling experience, from handing a sample to a consumer on the street, outside or inside a store or shopping centre or via goodie bags at sports or social events. The key always is 'Can the product be delivered in perfect condition in a way that makes the consumer want more?' If it does not tick these basic boxes then it should not be done.

Events are also Impact’s field of expertise. Having experience of setting up and running events attended by anything from 20 to 250,000 people, Impact can undertake every aspect of an event: Insurance, Public Liability and Health and Safety, staffing, branding and stand design, food safety, budgeting and of course press coverage and Impact.

Exhibitions are run to attract both consumer and trade visitors. Key to participation success is that the stand is memorable. With so many exhibitors at an event, it is important to make an impact on visitors from the moment they set eyes on the stand.

Guerilla Marketing is only appropriate for some products but can be extremely effective. Legalities, safety and possible repercussions must be considered fully - but impact can be significant.