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In 2000 Impact was asked by Highgrove Foods to introduce a new concept to the foodie media – cooking roast potatoes with Goose Fat.

It was met with incredulity by most journalists – Goose fat would never take off! Just a couple of visionary titles carried the story.

One year on and Jamie Oliver stated that Christmas roast potatoes were best with Goose Fat. Sales went platinum - foodies were persuaded.

For the next four years Impact toiled, trying to persuade non foodies that Goose Fat tasted good. It set up the website and online Goose Fat Information Service; ran sampling events at key trade and consumer shows and asked celebrity chefs Henry Harris and Mike Robinson to endorse Goose Fat.

But still the Supermarkets insisted that Goose Fat was just for Christmas. In 2006 TV Chef Nigella Lawson gave it another Christmas nudge. Impact followed up with another campaign – Goose Fat is not just for Christmas. And the rest is history as they say. Within two years every supermarket was carrying Goose Fat as a year round product and ready prepared Goose fat dressed potatoes had appeared on shelf and in the freezer. As the largest supplier of own label Goose fat Highgrove Foods was the satisfied beneficiary.